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See The World

We are Deacon Dale Metcalfe, an ordained Roman Catholic Permanent Deacon of the Joliet-in-Illinois Diocese. Ordained in 1988 to serve the people of God; wearing many different hats as a deacon. A popular preacher, teacher and faith leader using his skills to help people in their journey towards a solid relationship with God.   


Completing our team is Chaplain (Retired) Arlene Metcalfe who, along with Deacon Dale, inspires others through her quiet solemn faith, healing presence and devotional practices.  Both she and her husband have spent their entire lives ministering to others through careers in healthcare, education and experiencing God in other people and places.  

Pilgrimage is more than a tourist visit. Our pilgrimages mix the daily secular sites along with spiritual sites to feed your heart and mind and stomach. We help you experience so much more and often at a lower price point.  We avoid 5-star and stick with the 3-star & 4-star hotels and put your money into sites and places you want to see.  We also don't normally rush - we believe in some free time so you can wander on your own to enjoy your time on your own terms, sort of**.  All our trips are filled with joyful and happy memories, just ask anyone who has traveled with us.

This is NOT a business - rather a ministry which we call "CaminoWalkers" or Journey Walkers.  We invite all interested to journey with us - one step at a time.  We partner with professional travel companies when doing international travel experiences. 


Our team has over 100+ combined years in working with people in various ways.  We are healthcare, ministerial, spiritual coaches serving you, leading you to your destinations.